Betty (sarah_jones) wrote in crossoverfans,

Crossover Prompt Event

A Crossover Prompt Event for Fanart & Fanfiction

Any kind of Crossover can be requested and afterwards filled by whoever would like to do it.

This Event starts 16th February 2013 and stays open until 10th March 2013.

Everyone is welcome to leave as many prompts/make as many requests as they want to. The more the better! :-) More prompts/requests means more to chose from for people who want to fill them and it also means that it is more likely that at least one of your wishes gets filled. So, go ahead and leave as many comments with prompts as you want. But please 1 Crossover per comment.
If you request something you don't have to fill someone elses wish, but it would be great if you did. Let's spread the love and make someone happy. :-)

Requests can be filled as many times as people want to fill them. There is no limit. The more the merrier.

Please use the following form when requesting/leaving prompts:

Crossover Fandoms: Fandom A/Fandom B(/Fandom C/etc)
(Crossover) Pairing(s)/Characters: character a/character b (can be romantic, friendship, family, etc), character c, character d, etc
Prompt: can be just 1 word or an idea for a fanfic for example
What I am looking for: fanfic/drabble, icons, wallpaper (please specify size), picspam, fanmix, sidebar animation (please specify size), animation, fanvideo, banner, fanfic book cover art (please include a link to the fanfic), etc

When filling something please reply to the comment with the request you filled. You can leave your fanfic/fanart in the comment or post it in your lj, AO3,, etc and just leave a link to it in your comment.

At the End of the event I will count who filled the most requests and if wanted make a banner for the person.

Please spread the word about this Event. You can use the following code & banner:

Tags: * challenges, * fanart, * fanart challenges, * fanfic challenges, * fanfiction
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